Social Responsibility

PM Propel makes Corporate social responsibility (CSR) a priority because it believes that being active in this area ultimately is part of the solution of creating a more cohesive society and ultimately a more sustainable economic system.  PM Propel is a company with a mission that is about creating purpose for its customers, its independent contractors, and vendor relationships.

Four Pillar Approach


Economic Responsibility

A company’s first responsibility is its economic responsibility — that is to say, a company needs to be primarily concerned with turning a profit. This is for the simple fact that if a company does not make money, it won’t last, employees and contractors will lose jobs and the company won’t even be able to think about taking care of its social responsibilities.

Legal Responsibility

Ensuring that it obeys all laws is the most important responsibility, according to the theory of corporate social responsibility

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
  2. Legal responsibilities can range from securities regulations to labor law, environmental law and even criminal law
Ethical Responsibility
  1. Compliance with rules, morals and standards
  2. The duty to follow a morally correct path
  3. Has a responsibility to be honest with its employees and contractors so they can make informed decisions; a responsibility to respect his customers, who expect to receive exactly what they are paying for; a responsibility to invest in the community upon which it’s company’s well-being depends.

Making an effort to benefit society — for example, by donating services to community organizations, engaging in projects to aid the environment or donating money to charitable causes.

  1. Up to 5% of its revenue will be donating to kids and animals
  2. Products and services at a fair price
  3. Open to negotiate with those in financial need
  4. Awareness of local, regional and global considerations and impacts