Mastermind Groups

You’re not alone anymore.

Collaborate with other growth-oriented PMs to get the most out of work and life

It’s might be frustrating to have big career and family goals and feel a little overwhelmed because you are doing it on your own.

Wouldn’t it be great to have people in your corner that will support your dreams, raise your standards and believe in your ability to make the impossible possible.

Our Mastermind Groups were created as a place to join and collaborate with other Project Managers, Program Managers, and Portfolio Managers in creating work/life balance and currency with your project management craft. Think of it as an advisory board for your work and life – the whole you!

Groups consist of 5-10 members who have been vetted to ensure that each person brings an open, supportive mindset and valuable work/life experience to the team.

Accepting Project Managers, Portfolio Managers and Program Managers
  • Want to deepen their commitments to their craft at work, as well as achieve personal growth and overall health & wellness
  • Want to engage with a select group of like-minded individuals who they can respect and learn from
  • Are innovative and want to interact with individuals who inspire new ways to improve their life at work and at home
  • Have skills and qualities that others would like to learn from and be inspired by

What is In-Scope for a Mastermind Group
  • Peers seeking solutions – Members work as a team to brainstorm solutions to each others’ “Hot Seat” items.  The many perspectives allows the member to have breakthroughs, ahas, line of sight to a path that will work for them.
  • Accountability – Members challenge each other to set powerful goals and hold one another accountable for taking the necessary action to move towards their objectives.
  • Support – Respect, compassion, confidentiality, and a willingness to give and receive constructive feedback are the cornerstones of a successful mastermind group.
  • Commitment – We only accept highly motivated members who have a strong commitment to personal and professional growth, who embrace the highest and best in themselves and others.

What is Out-of-Scope for a Mastermind Group
  • It’s not a class/workshop – Mastermind meetings are like project team meetings where the project is helping one another achieve greater success in work and life.
  • It’s not coaching – The support and feedback comes from the whole group, not a central expert, and the facilitator is there to manage the process, not to advise.
  • It’s not a networking group – While lasting connections and mutually beneficial professional relationships often develop in a mastermind group, it is not meant to be a source of business leads or prospects.

Is the Project Manager Mastermind program for you?

Let’s grab a virtual water and chat to make sure the Mastermind program is a great fit for you.

Ask questions and share your hesitations, and get one of your “hot seat” items briefly discussed to enhance your life on the spot.

So when you say yes to join the group, we both know for certain it is an exuberant YES!

Join us if you’re ready to be part of a mastermind group exclusively for PMs who are taking their work/life to the next level.