Company Values

We are in the business of people, of helping project managers work smarter and live better one PM at a time by providing them with both personal development and project management training and resources.





We respect everyone.

We show RESPECT to all stakeholders.

  • Treat everyone with dignity and compassion
  • Earn trust through our intentions and actions
  • Honor diversity in thoughts, ideas and people
  • Communicate openly in a timely, courteous and relevant manner
  • Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics
  • Assume positive intent in all our interactions


We really care.

We care and it shows in our quality.

  • Have a genuine interest in helping others succeed professionally and personally
  • Proactively keep everyone informed
  • Care about the outcomes we assist our PMs in creating
  • Care about our interactions with each individual, leader, contractor and vendor
  • Care about helping others be their best, professionally and personally


We are real & authentic.

We are REAL & AUTHENTIC people helping other REAL people be their best.

  • Honest about the outcomes we assist our PMs in creating
  • Authentic in our interactions with each individual, leader, contractor and vendor
  • Model integrity and ethical behavior in practice as well as theory
  • Foster open and honest communications
  • Consistently deliver on our commitments
  • Seek out and embrace feedback


We are passionate about Project Management.

Together we drive change with ourPASSION for excellence.

  • Possess a deep professional pride
  • Champions of TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Desire to help PMs deliver superior performance at work and home
  • Help project managers overcome challenges and barriers at the job and at home
  • Show up daily as the best version of ourselves
  • Appreciate a sense of humor and the importance of having fun


We are solutions minded.

We focus on MOVING PMs FORWARD to a better place than they currently are, whether it’s a challenging project at work or wanting to have better work/life balance.

  • Leading PMs towards usable solutions on the job and at home through our personal and project management training tools
  • Progressive belief that soft skills are just as important as hard skills to be a top performer
  • Exceptional customer service that creates raving fans
  • Helping PMs strengthen, deepen and broaden their voices at work and at home
  • Advancing solutions for decision making and execution in urgent situations