It has been said that two heads are better than one

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Nothing is better than having a partner to help us find our way through the problems we face. What better partner for a project manager to have than a fellow, experienced project manager.

With the understanding of how important this partnership is for the development of project managers, I started my company, PM Propel. To help project managers get unstuck from the problems that they face.

The problems our PM Pros address may revolve around:

  • Difficult projects
  • Project management challenges specifically (unclear requirements, organizing people, scheduling, reporting, etc.)
  • Certification questions
  • Uncertainty around which professional development courses to pursue
  • Or maybe just in planning the right career path

The role of the PRO

Your role as a PRO can vary depending on your areas of interest and expertise. Your assistance could involve:

  • Providing one-on-one coaching and counseling for our PM clients
  • Co-facilitating webinars or workshops
  • Content development


Your level of involvement, the number of clients you assist and the number of hours you work a week are your choice.


Are you destined to be a PRO?

Have you reached the point in your career where you want to help other project managers achieve greater success in their work, careers and lives? Would you like to be compensated for sharing your expertise, and have a few extra hours in your schedule to do so?

If you answered YES to both of those questions, then you may be a great fit for our “Ask the Pro” expert program.

Interested? Please complete the form below to schedule an informational interview about our services and the valuable contribution you can make to other PM professionals.

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